Willow. Beautiful, sustainable & at the heart of everything we do

Musgrove Willows is a family run business. Founded in 1928, our farm on the Somerset Levels has always grown the highest quality willow. Over 60 different varieties of this sustainable and environmentally friendly product are grown on our farm. 

The willow is processed here using traditional methods. Much of our willow is made into a beautiful range of willow products by our skilled team of craftsmen. Today, customers around the world use our willow and willow products. Our willow coffins and willow weaving courses are also very popular.

Willow is a renewable and sustainable crop annually harvested from a stump in withy beds. It is the ultimate green product absorbing carbon from the atmosphere as it grows. Everyone at Musgrove Willows is committed to producing one of the most environmentally-friendly products. 

Musgrove Willows has everything you need to create something beautiful from willow. Whether you are a willow beginner or an experienced willow user, our staff are happy to advise you on the equipment, training and methods you may require. 

Our willow weaving courses are currently postponed. We are currently sorting and processing willow. Where stock is available, we are able to fulfil willow orders. Our weavers are still making willow coffins. If possible, please place willow orders online. Do not visit our farm to collect any items. Thank you. Read our latest business update.

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